Hobbyist handyman gives Fluid Film two thumbs up for rust prevention!

We recently spoke with John K, a retired fitter/machinist come hobbyist handyman, about his experience with Fluid Film.

John originally discovered the product when working for a Hunter Valley Mine. Here, they used it to seal battery terminals and as a non-conductive seal.

“I thought I’d try out a few experiments with it, comparing it with another rust prevention option” John said.

“I drew two figure eight’s, one with Fluid Film and one with oil, on a clean metal wall and left them,” John explained.

After about four hours, in the industrial environment, he checked how much dust and dirt they’d picked up.

“Fluid Film had barely any dust showing,” he reported back, which means it is the perfect product to avoid excessive build-up and clogging while ensuring that lathe beds are protected – all while allowing smooth and easy movement of the tail stock. The oil however, had already collected enough dust that it had started to turn black. The Fluid Film actually took almost a week to collect enough dust to be seen.

Seeing the results in his workplace, John bought some Fluid Film for his workshop when he retired. He is a true hobbyist handyman and has a large shed that he has been fitted out with a wide range of tools.

“Since then, I’ve tested it with a range of different projects,” John continued. “It’s good for between the springs on boat trailers as it crawls under rust blisters causing them to eventually dislodge. Great for wood planes and my bandsaw vise. I’ve also got it on my drills – loose chucks and loose beds.”

Since his workshop has such a wide range of tools and machines, John said Fluid Film comes in especially handy as an anti-corrosive for all the tools that he hasn’t used in a while. He is able to confidently put tools away, knowing they are protected by Fluid Film from the effects of condensation and will be in a good condition when next needed.

He was also impressed with the non-toxicity of the product, being lanolin based, and being safe on his hands.

“It’s just great,” he summed up. Definitely better than any other product he has used.

Discover the Fluid Film rust prevention difference for yourself today!

Get in touch with us for more information, or order your free sample today.

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