A Fluid Film User has posted this video on YouTube, on his positive experience with Fluid Film. Watch and see how Fluid Film makes lawn mower cleaning and maintenance easy.

Progressive Lawn Service, based in Charles County Maryland USA


“It was wonderful to get a call from you. Sincerely speaking I have been living in Australia for 17 years and it’s the first time someone called and explained about an already purchased product. I wish every business operates like you guys.

I will definitely recommend your product to my doctor friends who run their own surgeries.

Kawaljit S, from Acacia Gardens (Sydney)


“We use Fluid Film in the assembly of the Automed device (a livestock medication system) and have found that it lubricates extremely well and we haven’t had any issues.

The Automed device is used in harsh environments and works well with both cold starts and very hot weather. In addition, we have found that Fluid Film continues working and doesn’t wash off easily, even when it comes into contact with water, grease and other liquids.

Because the Automed device is used on livestock it’s vital we use a lubrication product that is naturally occurring. Other products have petroleum in their makeup, but Fluid Film is based on lanolin, meaning it can safely come into contact with livestock.”

David Edwards
CEO & Founder | Automed


“I used Fluid Film to arrest some rust forming on the chrome plated claw foot iron legs of our new bath installed in recent renovations. Water spray from the adjacent shower recess triggered off some strong rust development, which was very dismaying when we thought that the chrome plating would have formed a sufficient barrier.

I removed as much of the surface rust as possible with a brush then applied Fluid Film, wiped it clean after a week, then another spray of Fluid Film was applied.

It is truly amazing; although some of the deepest rust spots remain in some crevices of the legs, they are weak. The legs look really great and shiny and NO rust has developed since – several months ago.

Thank you so much! I plan to purchase some more online soon for any other uses around the house and garden.”

John M
Western Australia


“I have been using Fluid Film for a number of years now. I no longer bother with CRC or WD40 – Fluid Film has proven to be far superior to those products. I use it to protect the metal parts of all of my equipment, ranging from household equipment such as saws, blades and fastenings, to engine and suspension protection in both my vehicles and power boat and trailer.

I spray Fluid Film on my boat trailer about once a year and even after a year I still see water beading off the trailer. The leaves on my boat trailer suspension are as good as the day I bought it (six years old now) thanks, in part, to Fluid Film – after repeated exposure to salt water (followed by fresh water cleaning).

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Fluid Film to anyone looking to protect against corrosion for all of their ferrous metal components – over time it will save you money and headache over other products.”

Zsolt B
New South Wales


“When I cleaned down the action and bolt of my gun I used Fluid Film (noticing that it left a fine film) and then left it for two hours.

When using it at the range I notice that the whole entire action works and flows really well. One problem that can occur with some actions is they can get dry at the front of the bolt after constant firing due to the gun going off and the heat that is released.

I also used it in my barrel as a lubricant to stop fouling (before use I cleaned the barrel). During the subsequent firing I found the bolt action was extremely smooth, and it also made the first few shots a lot quieter.

The other area I used Fluid Film was on the shells I use and reload. After I had reloaded them I covered them with the lubricant and after an hour or so wiped it off. This worked really well as it stopped all the carbon from the gun powder from sticking onto the shell.

One thing I would point out is that if used in a gun barrel – and repeatedly used – it will help decrease the wear factor and by rights if the gun is looked after you should increase the life of the barrel. Just as an example the barrels we use for target shooting we can get between 4000 to 6000 rounds through it. But if you can use a lubricant that imbeds into the metal you should be able to get another thousand rounds out of it. With what I have already seen, this shows to be possible.”

David E.
Gun Club member


“I started using Fluid Film on my very noisy remote controlled garage door and the result was fantastic. No more loud squeaks or rattles.

I have since discovered numerous uses for Fluid Film around the home, garden and pool – rusty clothes line hinges, mother-in-laws very difficult to open gate latch, garden tools etc. It has made our lives so much easier and has replaced three cans of different products that I had gathering dust on the garage shelf. It is simply a great product, and no nasty chemicals!”

Scott P


“We purchased a second-hand caravan that was older (2008) and had a number of issues – including some locks that had seized up! All we did was spray some Fluid Film on the locks and now they’re all back in working order.

There were also some rust issues that we cleaned up and fixed. We then applied Fluid Film to those areas and the rust hasn’t come back at all.

We also used it on our son’s wake board boat, which had been making a lot of noise because the prop shaft was dry. My husband squirted the Fluid Film into the prop shaft and now there’s no noise!”

Juidth M.