Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fluid Film?

Fluid Film is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly lubricant, penetrate and anti-corrosive which is made on a natural lanolin base. It will stop rust from starting and halt the spread of existing rust, safely and naturally.

Where can I use Fluid Film?

Fluid Film has a myriad of uses. It provides a powerful, proven solution to rust and corrosion to industry, domestic, marine, agriculture, engineering and recreational users. Fluid Film will protect all metals from oxidation and atmospheric corrosion.

Why would I choose Fluid Film over other products?

Unlike competitors Fluid Film contains no toxic chemicals, solvents or evaporative agents and therefore is safe to use without the risk of skin irritation, lung and health problems. It will not go sticky, gooey or tacky and is simple to apply with longer lasting success.

Fluid Film will, with correct application extend the life of equipment and tools and reduce maintenance costs and machinery downtime.

You can view our independent test here.

How do I apply Fluid Film?

Fluid Film comes in various viscose grades and thicknesses depending on your specific need, but for 80% of uses Fluid Film applied by aerosol, ‘hand pump’ sprayer or applied with a rag is all that is required. It is simple, fast and lasting.

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How does Fluid Film work?

With its unique lanolin base Fluid Film won’t evaporate, and will ‘creep’ by capillary action into, and along metals.  Fluid Film contains no solvents, and thus will not go gummy, but instead will actually imbed itself in the pores of metal, resisting washing off and keeping moisture and oxygen from getting to the base metal. Fluid Film will get into places that you can’t see or reach.

Will Fluid Film harm a painted surface?

No. Fluid Film will not harm paint. It can be sprayed directly on painted surfaces and without any harmful effects. It acts more like a polish on paint, so great for use on vehicles.

Will Fluid Film adversely affect plastic or rubber?

No. It is safe to use on trim with no adverse effects. On 100% rubber, some swelling can occur.

Can I paint over a surface treated with Fluid Film?

No.  Because Fluid Film protects with a wet, non-drying film and imbeds itself in the pores of the metal, any surface treated with Fluid Film should be wiped down with a good biodegradable cleaner before painting.

Will Fluid Film remove rust?

Fluid Film is formulated to prevent rust from commencing and to immediately stop existing rust from spreading. It is not designed to remove rust, but it will penetrate rust and rust scale to the base metal, loosening and easing in the removal process.

Does Fluid Film attract dirt?

Because Fluid Film creates a protective non-drying barrier it will get an initial dusting upon application, but because it won’t become sticky it will not gum up or create a build-up of dirt.

Will Fluid Film work on battery terminals and electrical connections?

Fluid Film is an excellent way to protect battery terminals and being non-conductive, will not harm electrical connections. Ensure you make the connections before applying.  The non-drying characteristics of Fluid Film will provide long term protection in these applications.

Will Fluid Film work on stubborn locks and squeaky hinges?

These are ideal applications for Fluid Film. You only need a little spray to provide long term lubrication, with no gummy build up, and no more rusty squeaks. (TIP: Great on garage doors.)

Can Fluid Film help in my garden?

Fluid Film will not burn or harm plants & shrubs.  It provides superior lubrication for all moving parts on garden shears, pruning implements, hedge trimmers and tools. (TIP: Wet grass will stick to almost any surface. Spray the underside, blades and wheels of your lawnmower to prevent corrosion and make for easier removal of grass build up with a wash down with a normal garden hose.)

How does Fluid Film work on Motorcycle chains?

Fluid Film is an all-purpose chain lube due to its non-solvent application. Spray Fluid Film directly on the chain, wiping off excess with a clean rag. Fluid Film will migrate into all areas. (TIP: Great on your bicycle chain as well.)

Does Fluid Film only work on metals?

Having a natural lanolin base Fluid Film is also very effective as a leather conditioner. It is great for softening and water proofing leather work boots.  Fluid Film will also assist as a wood conditioner and polish.

Is it safe to use on my car and trailer?

Yes, Fluid Film has numerous applications for motor vehicles, caravans and trailers.

On trailers and caravans, apply Fluid Film to all electrical connections for lighting systems, awning hardware, suspension leaf springs and spring hangers, hull rollers (bearings or bushings), hitch coupling connections, ball hitch, height adjustors, winch, and any exposed metal.

On your car, use Fluid Film on hinges, locks door panels, battery terminals and as an excellent no drip undercoating. It is also great for shining chrome work, such as rims and wheels and for detailing trim and vinyl.

What about boats and jet skis?

For boats spray Fluid Film over entire engine, electrical connections, fittings, plugs, locks, cables, linkage, gears, and any metals for rust protection. Fluid Film shines up plastic and protects and shines metal railings. (TIP:  Excellent protectant for winterizing.)

On your jet ski spray Fluid Film over the entire engine, electrical connections, throttle body (exterior), reverse lever cam, cables (pump it in throttle cable), ride plate/nozzle, and steering bearing. (TIP: You can also use it to detail plastic trim.)

What else do I need to know about Fluid Film?

Stotts is the Australian licensed distributer for Fluid Film and we know Fluid Film works. It is a safe and effective product that will prolong the life of metals and ultimately save money and headaches. There are more applications and uses than we can list here, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions.