Reduce cost of preventive maintenance with the application of Fluid Film in farm equipment. Learn more >

Fluid Film’s lanolin-based formulation produces a fluid, self-healing protection that is always active and will not chip or crack, thus preventing early onset of corrosion to your vehicle. Learn more >

Fluid Film passed all performance requirements and intense scrutiny by national research laboratories including Boeing’s Space Systems Division for use on the Space Shuttle. Learn more >

Fluid Film soft coatings are highly resistant to water wash off and can produce an airtight barrier that will protect all metals in corrosive climates and environments. Learn more >

Fluid Film has been applied in a wide variety of marine industries across the world for over 60 years. Learn more >

Fluid Film is a proven non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmental-friendly product that is 100% free of solvent, offering a powerful corrosion protection and lubrication without the presence of harmful chemicals. Learn more >

Fluid Film is perfect for rough atmospheres and typically used as pulp mills and salt, fertiliser and battery industrial plants. Learn more >

Fertilizers, pesticides and the elements are great threats to lawn and garden equipment. The application of Fluid Film does not only save time and money but also reduces wear and tear on equipment. Learn more >

Fluid Film’s water-repelling qualities inhibits any liquids and moisture from penetrating to recreational equipment, and with its long lasting lubrication, the tiniest of moving parts are far from rust formation and corrosion. Learn more >

Fluid Film, the best adventure buddy of an eighteen wheeler! The gel-like coating of Fluid Film spares all metals, wiring systems and truck underbodies from metal exposure and corrosion related issues on the roads. Learn more >

Fluid Film provides versatility even in sub-zero temperatures. It doesn’t freeze and can penetrate metal pores to form airtight seals to obstruct road salts and moisture. Learn more >