Fluid Film passed all performance requirements and intense scrutiny by national research laboratories including Boeing’s Space Systems Division for use on the Space Shuttle and Boeing’s Engineering Materials and Process Laboratory for use on aluminum alloys.  FLUID FILM has proven effective in these industries that specifications were written by the U.S. Navy/Army/Marine Corps, Sundstrand Aerospace, Boeing North America, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. National Guard, Sikorsky Helicopter and Delta airlines for the use of FLUID FILM in a variety of applications.

Applications in the aviation industry include:

  • Aircraft & Helicopter
  • Interior door locking mechanisms and attachment hardware
  • Interior hatch locking mechanism and hardware
  • Jettison mechanisms and hardware
  • Locking tumblers
  • All hinges
  • All external jettison shafts and spring pins
  • Gas strut attachment points
  • Cargo door tracks and rollers
  • Battery terminal corrosion protection
  • Main door torque tube bearings
  • Areas requiring a light oil lubrication and corrosion protection
  • Freeing-up seized, rusted, corrode or otherwise frozen bearings, bushings, rollers and fasteners.
  • All door latches
  • Magnesium Parts
  • Flight Control Pushrods