Fluid Film rust protection is tough against all conditions!

Fluid Film is the perfect anti-corrosive, but how does it face up to the challenge of adverse conditions and corroded motor engines, you may ask?

We recently spoke to Andrew from 4WD Industries to hear how Fluid Film fared in his workplace and with his pride and joy, Andrew’s own private boat.

“Here in the workshop, we use it on pretty much everything. It controls corrosion really well,” Andrew said.

At 4WD Industries, the team are used to working with a lot of machinery that operate in a range of different conditions and environments.

For example, when it comes to machinery that comes straight from the mines the team at 4WD Industries are often dealing with engines and parts that have been subject to chemicals and wet conditions, making them more susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Andrew remarked how Fluid Film quickly became their go-to product for maintaining the quality, durability and performance of these vehicles, as well as others that came into their workshop on a regular basis.

“Anywhere where there is a possible corrosion, so long as everything is coated in Fluid Film, it stops rust. It really does work,” Andrew said.

Fluid Film is produced from delicately processed wool-wax, highly refined petroleum oils and special agents which help to fight corrosion and displace water while at the same time providing deep penetration and metal wetting.

Andrew’s use of Fluid Film doesn’t just stop in the workshop, with the product being tested on his private boat.

The engine was able to be protected with Fluid Film, and he says he has never seen a product do anything like what Fluid Film does to protect engines from environmental conditions.

“The boat engine itself was facing particular corrosion problems. A coating of Fluid Film just seemed to stop all the corrosion, which was great.”

When looking back on the other products on the market, Andrew said that Fluid Film as a product knocks their competition out of the park.

“The other stuff just doesn’t work. It doesn’t stay there long enough to do the job, and obviously Fluid Film does need to be reapplied, but it stays on there much longer than other products we’ve tried over the years,” Andrew remarked.

Fluid Film’s long-lasting products contain no solvents, will not dry out and will penetrate to the base of all metals, providing corrosion protection from both industrial and natural atmospheres. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, contain zero solvent, environment-friendly and can last a lifetime.

“Everyone is happy coming in contact with something that doesn’t have toxins in it, so it’s been good there as well, because inevitably if you’re working with something that has been coated in Fluid Film and you get it on yourself, it doesn’t create any problems.”

Having been introduced to Fluid Film over five years ago, Andrew and the team at 4WD Industries have no intention of stopping.

“It’s a product that actually works, proven through our workshop and various applications. It’s a product you can put your name to with a bit of confidence that it will do the job,” Andrew concluded.

Try Fluid Film for yourself today. Get in contact with our team to learn more.

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