Fluid Film prevents rust in the Australian Mines

We know Fluid Film is a great anti-corrosive, but did you know it is even used in the tough environments of the Australian underground mining industry?

We recently chatted with a representative from a copper and gold mining and processing operation in Queensland, about their experience with the product.

“Obviously we deal with a lot of ground water in the mining industry, so it is important our equipment can deal with those difficult conditions,” they explained of the one kilometre deep shafts they work with. “Issues arise when metal components get wet,” they continued.

The below surface winder components were one particular piece of the mining machinery that faced the problem of rust, time and time again. Unfortunately, it seemed that the shaft’s corrosive ground water was coming into contact with the winder and the tensioned guide ropes.

Now, of course we know that when ground water, often containing salt, comes into contact with exposed metal, more often than not, it will lead to severe rust. But more than this, there was the strong possibility of broken-down equipment and expensive replacements, along with the significant safety threat it posed.

This was particularly the situation with the tensioned guide ropes, which are critical in keeping the skips in position during high-speed hoisting operations. The team knew they needed to find a solution quickly; one that would control the corrosion, whilst maintaining the required lubrication between the ropes and the skip guides. They tested a variety of competitor products, but nothing they tried seemed to do the trick.

“Originally, Fluid Film wasn’t even on our radar. However, when we kept experiencing problems even whilst using other products, we realised we needed to search the marketplace to find a suitable solution. Something safe on the workers and environment was a must.”

That’s where Fluid Film came in. 

“We applied the Fluid Film WRO-EP grease to our guide ropes. It stays adhered to the ropes, despite the continual water contact, and has reduced wear on the rope and the slide blocks on the skips.  This reduces our maintenance and labour costs enabling more up time, and delays the significant down time and expense in needing to replace worn guide ropes.”

Fluid Film is proven to stop rust!

Designed to stop rust on any type of metal, Fluid Film’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, easy-to-use solution will prevent rust on your metal gears and equipment – big or small.

It’s perfect for the Australian mining conditions or for anyone who may want a safe, environmentally friendly rust protectant and remover that will clean up their machinery, components and accessories.

With the anti-corrosive, natural moisturising and water-repelling properties of lanolin, Fluid Film provides long lasting lubrication while displacing water and moisture at the same time. So, worry less about rust damage and wear and tear on your gears with Fluid Film!

Keeping rust under control will prolong the life cycle of your equipment and make machine maintenance a much easier task to handle.

Back to our mining friends, they believe “Fluid Film is a miracle solution” – it stopped the rust while retaining its adhesion against the harsh mining environment. The team checks the equipment weekly, but usually the gel only needs reapplying once a month. “It’s been two or three years and we’ve never looked back.”

“The whole team is impressed with the results. It’s been very effective!”

To try Fluid Film for yourself, order a free sample today! Or get in contact with our professional team to learn more.

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