Prevent rust and corrosion in your machinery and equipment

We understand how indispensable your machinery and equipment to the daily operation of your business.

But keep in mind that no matter how durable their metal parts are, or how equipment manufacturers try their best to reduce corrosion, any equipment is inevitably susceptible to wear and tear of time. That could mean your costly assets are all targets for rust and corrosion.

It’s undeniably painful to spend thousands of dollars to deal with this problem.

So how do you bust the rust and keep corrosion off your machinery and equipment?

One of the best solutions we can offer is by using protective maintenance coating from Fluid Film. As it turns out, it’s much better to prevent rust from happening than to wait and deal with the rust itself.

Check out the different products of Fluid Film and how each one can save you from spending huge amounts of money on equipment replacement.

Fluid Film

The Fluid Film is made of powerful anti-corrosive agents, especially processed wool wax and highly refined petroleum oils – all of which when combined can protect all types of metals and lubricate all moving parts.

Fluid Film is long lasting and solvent-free, doesn’t dry out, and penetrates to the core of all metals. For over five decades, this product has been known to work wonders in the marine environment and offshore drilling rigs, and more recently, in the aerospace, aircraft and automobile industries.

Liquid A

The Liquid A is a non-toxic, solvent-free, transparent liquid with an oily amber appearance. It forms a soft gel-like barrier that blocks moisture and salt solutions off your equipment, hence preventing rust from forming. The Liquid A also works as an excellent lubricant and penetrant for all metals

You can use Liquid A in a wide range of applications, whether be it for a marine equipment, aircraft, farm machinery, or automobiles.

Liquid AR

Being in the marine industry could mean constantly exposing your equipment in a highly corrosive environment. The Liquid AR is specially designed to shield your metals from rust-forming agents while in storage or during shipment.

The lanolin-based coating of Liquid AR that creates an amber, gel-like appearance, can ward off water and doesn’t get wash off quickly in extreme saltwater environments. The Liquid AR is also solvent-free and non-toxic and can be applied as a preventive maintenance in aircraft, heavy machinery and vehicles.


The WRO-EP comes in a greenish black, soft-gel appearance that is proven effective to safeguard all types of metal parts from severe marine atmospheres. It is best used for the general maintenance of wire rope and open gear applications.

The powerful properties of WRO-EP can withstand maximum temperature both underwater and offshore as well as resist water abrasion and washout when used in tidal areas.


The GEL BW can block metal corrosion caused by moisture, salt solutions, and other severe atmospheres. So whether your business is in the marine, agriculture or industrial sector, working on your equipment becomes much more enjoyable with the protection offered by GEL BW.

Although the product can be applied on both old and new equipment, we don’t recommend its application on equipment that can be potentially exposed to bright sunlight for an extended period of time.

Rust and corrosion are never ending issues for many businesses so maintain your equipment effectively to extend its useful life for many more years. Fluid Film offers affordable solutions to bank-breaking problems. Get in touch to learn more, or order your free sample today.

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