Don’t let water ruin your equipment by causing rust

Do you have any idea how water can ruin your most prized equipment?

When water comes into contact with exposed metal, more often than not, the result leads to rust.

How is that possible?

Water helps iron react with oxygen. You’ll find that rust forms faster in places with great deals of moisture in the air and water vapour, than in dry areas.

So if your pastime includes fishing, camping, boating, or other outdoor water sports, you’re pretty much aware how essential routine care is for your equipment to combat rust.

You certainly wouldn’t want to stop your outdoor fun because of damaged equipment.

Keeping rust under control will prolong the life cycle of your equipment and make any recreation much more enjoyable.

Fluid Film is proven to stop rust!

Design to remove and stop rust on any types of metal, Fluid Film’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, easy to use solution will get rid of rust on your metal gears and equipment – big or small.

It’s perfect for cyclists, lovers of outdoor sports and boat enthusiasts who want a safe, environment-friendly rust protectant and remover that will clean up their rides, components and accessories.

With anti-corrosive, natural moisturising and water-repelling properties of lanolin, Fluid Film provides long lasting lubrication while displacing water and moisture at the same time. So worry less about rust damage and have heaps of stress-free outdoor fun with Fluid Film!

Where can you apply Fluid Film?


Whether it’s a BMX, vintage bike, road bike, your child’s trike or even a cruiser, Fluid Film can get your pedal-driven ride shiny and new.  All you have to do is spray or brush a little amount of Fluid Film on the different metal parts of your bike and wipe off the excess. From the bike frame, down to the chain, brake cables, nuts and bolts, Fluid Film won’t only protect the smallest moving part of your bike from rust, it’ll also provide superior lubrication that can last for extended periods of time.


Fluid Film also works best on boats. Make your boat rust-free by applying Fluid Film over the entire engine, electrical connections, fittings, plugs, locks, cables, and any other metals. Fluid Film is the ideal product for every boat enthusiast out there looking for a non-toxic, anti-corrosive solution that can fight off the harshness of saltwater environments.

Electronic Equipment

Non-conductive, flexible and smooth, Fluid Film soft-coatings adheres and absorbs into metal pores without damaging electrical connections, paints and plastics. The coatings leave a glossy airtight shield that can secure electrical connections in the most rugged of atmospheres.

Fishing Gear

Fishing charters are super fun but it could also put your gear through the worst. The best way to safeguard your fishing gear, especially in salt water, is to lightly coat it with Fluid Film. The waxy coating will act as a rust protectant and lubricant at the same time. So you can be sure that whatever the weather condition is, may it be intensely hot or freezing cold, your gear will look as brand new as ever.

If you’re looking for the best in long lasting rust protection, look no further. Fluid Film is your one-stop solution for your rust problems. If you wish to know more information about this product, or would like a free sample, please get in touch.

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