Bolts, Slides and Magazines… Oh My!

We understand how indispensable your shooting equipment is, which is why it’s great that Fluid Film is on target for powerful protection from rust. Because of its unique solvent-free, wool-wax formulation, Fluid Film supplies long lasting corrosion protection without evaporation from the surface.

Rifles are often viewed as more than just sporting equipment, they are seen as examples of fine craftsmanship and, at times, valuable historical artefacts. Like any valued possession the key to its lasting legacy is preservation.

Which is why so many people utilise Fluid Film in their gun care regime. It is a lanolin-based spray that has all of the good things and none of the bad!

Of course, we can talk about the benefits of Fluid Film all day, but don’t take our word for it. One of our long-time customers, has been a firearm enthusiast for decades. He has worked in several firearm stores and utilised Fluid Film not only on his own equipment but sold it to his customers as a rust preventative and lubricant for their wares as well.

“I first came in to contact with Fluid Film at Newtec Pistol Club, where a sales rep was spruiking it’s benefits”, he said.

No matter how durable their manufacturers make them, firearms – and indeed more metal equipment – is inevitably susceptible to wear and tear over time. Your costly assets are often targets for rust and corrosion.

It’s undeniably painful to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to deal with this problem. Worse still, to have to get rid of a prized possession.

“For me personally, I found it as a fantastic corrosive preventative and lubricant for the firearms I was selling,” he said. “I’ve used Fluid Film in two different retail environments for over a decade, and honestly wouldn’t recommend anything else,” he continued.


Don’t let the elements ruin your gear!


Consistent exposure to a wide range of elements can lead to rapid deterioration of metal – not only resulting in poor appearance and loss of value, but potential safety issues as well.

Designed to lubricate and stop rust on all types of metal, Fluid Film’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, easy to use solution will stop rust forming on your metal linkages and equipment – big or small.

With the anti-corrosive, natural moisturising and water-repelling properties of lanolin, Fluid Film provides long lasting lubrication while displacing water and moisture at the same time. So, worry less about rust damage and have heaps of stress-free outdoor fun with Fluid Film!


Economical and easy to apply, use Fluid Film on:

  • Spray a little on a cloth to clean exterior surfaces of the rifle barreled actions and shotguns. A microscopic layer remains and will not affect bluing or come off on hands or clothes.
  • Bolts, Slides & Magazines. Only a small amount required for tack-free mechanism lubrication.
  • Wood Stocks & Rubber. Fluid Film is perfect for wood stocks and rubber recoil pads, as it feeds and reconditions these naturally porous materials and won’t discolour, stain or crack them.

Fluid Film protects all metals by creating a non-drying barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. Always active and tack-free, Fluid Film ‘creeps’ into the smallest of moving parts, providing superior lubrication. It also stops deterioration on contact. It will not harm paint, plastic or rubber and resists water wash-off, making it ideal for all seasons and indoor or outdoor storage of equipment.


If you’re looking for the best in long lasting rust protection, look no further. Fluid Film is your one-stop solution for your rust problems. If you wish to know more information about this product, or would like a free sample, please get in touch.

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