Fluid Film AS
(Grade 2)

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Fluid Film AS
(Grade 2)

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FLUID FILM® is a lanolin-based lubricant, penetrant & powerful corrosion protectant. 

Formulated from specially processed wool-wax, highly refined petroleum oils and selected agents, to provide corrosion control, displaces water while at the same time provides deep penetration and metal wetting.

Used across the world in a wide range of industries and applications, the long lasting product will not dry out. FLUID FILM® forms a soft, active coating which penetrates to the base of all metals. Its capillary action allows FLUID FILM® to creep into tight hard to reach spaces, cracks & crevices providing corrosion protection from both natural and industrial atmospheres. Heavily corroded and/or frozen parts such as nuts, bolts, shafts, etc. that would normally be damaged during maintenance, can be salvaged by applying FLUID FILM®

FLUID FILM® products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, contain zero solvents and are environment-friendly. FLUID FILM® will not evaporate, providing lasting lubrication and powerful protection for equipment in use, in storage and in transit.

Some of its many uses include:

  • Maintain and protect hand tools and power equipment
  • Garage doors tracks and rollers
  • Outdoor play equipment
  • Door hinges, latches and locks
  • Battery terminal corrosion protection
  • Vehicle undercoating
  • Maintain and protect Agricultural and heavy equipment
  • Industrial marine and mining equipment
  • Caravans and trailers
  • Boats, jet-ski, outboard motors, trailers 
  • Chains and wire ropes
  • Protect spare parts and equipment for storage and shipping.
  • Recreational equipment – bikes, exercise equipment, camping equipment, fishing gear, firearms, golf clubs etc.
  • Waterproofs leather – work boots, saddles etc.

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